About us

Welcome to HD-BD.com


In a growing economy of a developing country like Bangladesh, HDbd emerges as such an e-commerce platform where people can buy their commodities in-an-ease within a trustworthy boundary of diversified product categories.

HDbd passionately believes that, in the online world there is huge opportunity to make very deep relationships with customers by observing their purchase behavior over time. Being a site in the e-commerce phenomenon, our services are so elegant and appealing that it became the point of reference for anyone who is interested to buy anything through internet.

Mission & Vision

HDbd endeavor to provide it’s customers the lowest reasonable price with the best available product quality along with incredible convenience.

Using the virtual platform, HDbd wants to be the country’s most customer-centric company, where shoppers can find their desired commodities under a same umbrella.

Core value

On behalf of our shoppers, HDbd searches, sorts and organizes super-valuable authentic products where quality is proven to be the most important issue. In the diverse set of products and services, HDbd has been praised for it’s faster and innovative delivery strategy which leads to leverage the trust in persuading consumers to buy everything they need from HDbd.

Key features

  • HDbd supports the most flexible ways in which it could value to reduce the transactional burden on customers, making every shopping a happy shopping!
  • Labeled products with money back guaranty!
  • Maintaining the authenticity of each & every product.
  • Product Review Information: All the products on HDbd can be reviewed. For all products, customer reviews are available as well.

Future plan

While launching website and mobile app, HDbd consistently serving its domestic customers throughout the division. Currently, the company bears the capability to reach over thousands of customers and very soon it will enrich it’s infrastructure to serve more than a millions, becoming the pioneer in this sector to enhance the best shopping experience.