The miracle building product-Hollow block

It’s the time to think once more about the traditional brick as the main building construction material. In terms of durability and comparable price range, an alternatives must come forward to speed up the construction process. Concrete hollow blocks could be the substitutes of traditional red brick. It is eco-friendly and innovative in terms of durability and cost effective in the same time. It has an inner void area which is 25% greater than their gross area and are available in numerous number of sizes and shapes.  As the concrete hollow blocks are made up by machines, the manufacturing procedure never affected by the bad weather condition. Developed countries have already started concrete hollow blocks as their main building construction material. Bangladesh being a member of developing country has lacked it’s uses due to low awareness campaign conducted by the manufacturers mainly.

Concrete hollow blocks are the innovative building product consisting a bunch of great advantages which can be used in the construction of commercial as well as residential buildings, internal partition walls, boundary walls, for architectural decoration, and on the rooftop for heat protection.

There are a good number of advantages exist in favor of the concrete hollow blocks, few of them are discussed below:

Concrete hollow blocks are Environment-friendly – In opposed to traditional red bricks, concrete hollow blocks are machine-made, hence, the manufacturing process does not releases harmful fumes. So, there is no adverse affect on the environment. Moreover, due to its insulating properties, concrete hollow blocks are energy efficient building material, thereby, reducing energy consumption and helps to build an environment friendly green constructed infrastructure.   

Using concrete hollow blocks is Cost-effective – For constructing a building, each concrete hollow block is equivalent to five traditional red brick. Hence, the over-all cost reduces in a drastic way.  It also decreases the cost of the structural design of the building due to its light weight, which shrinks the size of structural members of both the foundation as well as the superstructure. Concrete hollow block construction also requires less mortar and saves labor hours, reducing both mortar and labor costs.

Concrete hollow blocks are highly durable – Among all the advantages, durability being considered as a major advantage. The manufacturing process of concrete hollow blocks include high pressure and vibration which enables the hollow blocks to bear high level of loading and made very strong by default. In terms of maintenance cost, it is very low because there is no salinity in the product and it is very high in fire resistance.   

For speedy and faster construction there is no alternative of concrete hollow blocks. These are easy to install for their uniform shapes and sizes. Even low skilled laborers can start the construction process using concrete hollow blocks.

Concrete hollow blocks are greater earthquake resistance – for the present time when there is huge natural disaster, perhaps the most viable advantage relies on this point. Concrete hollow blocks are light weight which reduces the building load significantly and provides a stable foundation making it resilient to natural hazards like earthquakes. The uniformity of concrete hollow blocks also reduces vulnerability during natural disasters. Concrete hollow blocks offer comfortable interiors as it is thermal insulation in nature. The air in the concrete hollow blocks do not allow outside heat or cold in the building, keeping the building cool in summer and warm in winter. It also makes the building soundproof or at least keep the noise at bay due to the hollow nature of the block.

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