Castor oil-a blessing for the cosmetic industry.

Ricinus Communis is a crop with increasing economic importance specially for the chemical industry. It is also known as Castor beans which are grown commercially for Castor Oil which is further becomes the important ingredient for the cosmetic industry. The Castor beans consist of water soluble toxins with a wide range of pH values. The toxin extraction process involve relatively easy to perform with common chemicals. Those toxin has no antidote, so medical staff can only provide supportive care. This toxin can be very dangerous threat to wildlife and it is also classified as the most poisonous plant on earth for humans. The toxin contained in a single bean would kill a human in just a few minutes.  The Castor bean plant grows throughout most tropical and temperate regions of the world and hence it can be said that Ricinus Communis or Castor bean plant is easily available and do not initiate unique clinical signs of intoxication and in waterfowl can be confused with other acute causes of death.

The world’s largest producer of castor oil is India, with China and Brazil being a far-distant second and third place.

The castor plant has several benefits to human beings. Starting from seed to bean, it has numerous health benefit depending on the necessity. Mainly there are four types of castor oil.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Hydrogeneted Castor Oil, Chemical Extracted Castor Oil, Cold Pressed Castor Oil.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil benefits for reducing acne and cleansing scalp. It has higher purifying properties due to higher pH level, as it is roasted from castor seeds. The roasting procedure is very common in the country Jamaica. Thus, the name Jamaican black castor oil. It is dark in color and burnt smell.

Hydrogenated Castor Oil  is a hardened and brittle version of castor oil that does not dissolve in water. It’s a common ingredient for cosmetics. Products like lotions and creams use it for emollient and thickening purposes. It has valuable uses for paper coatings and manufacturing greases as well.

Chemical Extracted Castor Oil is perhaps the most cheaper among all the types of castor oil because it is very low in quality due to chemical impurities. This involves solvents such as heptane and hexane. Solvent extraction is typically the fastest and cheapest way of obtaining the oil from the seeds.

Cold Pressed Castor Oil is made by pressing organic castor seeds with no heat involved. It is yellowish and thicker in texture. cold pressed castor oil could be refined or unrefined. Unrefined castor oil is more concentrated. Using cold pressed oil has significant benefits.

The safest dermatological cosmetic-Ghee

The main source of Ghee is Milk and Ghee is the healthy source of multi vitamins, mineral, nutrients and saturated fats. Ghee is a kind of clarified butter made by simmering butter to a very high temperature of 485°F. At this high temperature both milk solids and water get separated and leave a light colored liquid which is GHEE. Ghee is composed almost entirely of fat, 62% of which consists of saturated fats. It is also rich in oxidized cholesterol: 259 μg/g, or 12.3% of total cholesterol.

The human body cannot function properly without any saturated fats. But excessive saturated fats are unhealthy and can cause various cardiovascular disease. So, it is very essential to keep the quantity of saturated fats limited. Using a limited amount of Ghee (which is the main source of saturated fats) can both enhance the tasty flavor of the food and deliver essential saturated fats to the body. Saturated fats and proper brain functioning are closely related.

Considering the amazing benefits of Ghee, our ancestors knew the real value of Ghee and often compared to gold! Those who have a chance of heart disease by hereditary or from other genetic factors must be aware about the limitation of consuming the saturated fats or having Ghee in a regular basis. Other than that most normal people will not experience any health issue from consuming Ghee. A lots of research over the years have revealed that Ghee will not harm anybody rather it helps to grow and develop the brain. Studies proved that  the consumption of up to 10% Ghee in the diet have a very positive effect on serum lipid profiles.

Those who are very active or maintaining very high energy lifestyle, Ghee would be one of the primary choice of their diet plan to provide the necessary burst of energy that need to continue through a challenging day. Moreover, having Ghee before a meal can reduce the chances of ulcers and cancer. It makes the digestive system more stronger.

For a healthy and strengthen bones, there is no alternatives of Ghee and it is very rich in Vitamin K, which helps to absorb calcium which further helps in the prevention of tooth decay and prevents atherosclerosis. In addition to this, Ghee helps the body to produce  T cells that fight diseases. There is one further information about Ghee that many people never care about is Ghee is one of the safest dermatological cosmetics and it is very skin friendly and regular consumption of Ghee leads to a reduction in stress and anxiety levels.

Ghee can be a very good appetizer and it increases appetite in kids as well as adults. Adding Ghee to any food increases its taste and smells good with an eager hungriness. Hence, adding Ghee to child’s food menu can increases their interest towards the food making it elegant in taste. Moreover,  Ghee attracts toxic elements in the body and helps to clean the harmful stuff  from the body making it more healthier.

A life saving pocket product-Hand Sanitizer

During this pandemic situation, wearing mask and cleaning hands became the most important part of daily routine. Perhaps, hands serve us the most and also put germs in contact with mouth, nose, eyes and other parts of the body. Cleaning hands with warm water and soap multiple times a day can keep healthy or at least reduces the chance to get contaminated. An worthy alternative to clean hands can be hand sanitizer. It helps to fight against germs which could be fatal if not taken seriously.  Now a days, hand sanitizer should be on the top of everyone’s shopping list. There are numerous benefits exist for  hand sanitizer. Focused few of them below:   

REDUCE RISK FOR DISEASE – Sanitizing hands for a number of times during the day time reduce the chances of getting sick. Even for a quick trip to a superstore, medicine store or friends and relative’s house can expose an individual to germs that may contaminate everybody. That is why cleaning hands instantly and frequently reduce the risk for diseases.

GREAT FOR GROUP – Whether in the office space or at classroom or hanging out session with friends, hand sanitizer plays a vital role to reduce the germs which otherwise spreads very quickly. Teachers, students, colleagues can kill germs periodically throughout the day without having to leave their classroom or desk.

CLEANLINESS – No one should surprise reading this great benefit.  It doesn’t only smells good but it cleans the hand or it sanitizes hand. Sanitizers were designed to kill germs perfectly. If properly used,  hand sanitizers can eliminate up to 99.9% of the germs on hands. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends washing hands any time around preparing or eating food, after having contact with animals, garbage, and more.

FEELS MORE SOFTER HANDS – There are few hand sanitizer in the market contain emollients that soften hand skin, giving a nicer looking and smooth hands. It is definitely a key point to note that a moisturized skin feels and looks good. One must remember that those sanitizer contain large quantity of alcohol must be avoided as they wash away the skin’s natural oils and can cause the skin to crack which in turns creates an entry point for bacteria.

PORTABILITY – In this pandemic situation cleaning hands within a short while is compulsory but it is not always possible to keep soap and water everywhere or to some extent it is not convenient.  Hand sanitizer takes the privilege over the place. It’s very comfortable to carry hand sanitizer in pocket or in tote bag due to its convenient packaging sizes.   

The miracle building product-Hollow block

It’s the time to think once more about the traditional brick as the main building construction material. In terms of durability and comparable price range, an alternatives must come forward to speed up the construction process. Concrete hollow blocks could be the substitutes of traditional red brick. It is eco-friendly and innovative in terms of durability and cost effective in the same time. It has an inner void area which is 25% greater than their gross area and are available in numerous number of sizes and shapes.  As the concrete hollow blocks are made up by machines, the manufacturing procedure never affected by the bad weather condition. Developed countries have already started concrete hollow blocks as their main building construction material. Bangladesh being a member of developing country has lacked it’s uses due to low awareness campaign conducted by the manufacturers mainly.

Concrete hollow blocks are the innovative building product consisting a bunch of great advantages which can be used in the construction of commercial as well as residential buildings, internal partition walls, boundary walls, for architectural decoration, and on the rooftop for heat protection.

There are a good number of advantages exist in favor of the concrete hollow blocks, few of them are discussed below:

Concrete hollow blocks are Environment-friendly – In opposed to traditional red bricks, concrete hollow blocks are machine-made, hence, the manufacturing process does not releases harmful fumes. So, there is no adverse affect on the environment. Moreover, due to its insulating properties, concrete hollow blocks are energy efficient building material, thereby, reducing energy consumption and helps to build an environment friendly green constructed infrastructure.   

Using concrete hollow blocks is Cost-effective – For constructing a building, each concrete hollow block is equivalent to five traditional red brick. Hence, the over-all cost reduces in a drastic way.  It also decreases the cost of the structural design of the building due to its light weight, which shrinks the size of structural members of both the foundation as well as the superstructure. Concrete hollow block construction also requires less mortar and saves labor hours, reducing both mortar and labor costs.

Concrete hollow blocks are highly durable – Among all the advantages, durability being considered as a major advantage. The manufacturing process of concrete hollow blocks include high pressure and vibration which enables the hollow blocks to bear high level of loading and made very strong by default. In terms of maintenance cost, it is very low because there is no salinity in the product and it is very high in fire resistance.   

For speedy and faster construction there is no alternative of concrete hollow blocks. These are easy to install for their uniform shapes and sizes. Even low skilled laborers can start the construction process using concrete hollow blocks.

Concrete hollow blocks are greater earthquake resistance – for the present time when there is huge natural disaster, perhaps the most viable advantage relies on this point. Concrete hollow blocks are light weight which reduces the building load significantly and provides a stable foundation making it resilient to natural hazards like earthquakes. The uniformity of concrete hollow blocks also reduces vulnerability during natural disasters. Concrete hollow blocks offer comfortable interiors as it is thermal insulation in nature. The air in the concrete hollow blocks do not allow outside heat or cold in the building, keeping the building cool in summer and warm in winter. It also makes the building soundproof or at least keep the noise at bay due to the hollow nature of the block.

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জীবন জীবিকার দৈনন্দিন প্রয়োজনে গ্রাহকদের সুবিধার্থে প্রতিটি পণ্য ক্রেতার নিকট পাঠানোর পূর্বে   প্রশিক্ষণপ্রাপ্ত  প্রতিনিধির দ্বারা পণ্যটির মান, মেয়াদ ও ওজন যাচাই করা হয়। সামাজিক দায়বদ্ধতার প্রতি সঙ্গতি রেখে সততা ও বিশ্বস্ততা নিয়ে আমরা কখনোই আপোষ করিনা। সুদূরপ্রসারী পরিকল্পনার পদক্ষেপ গ্রহনে গ্রাহক কেন্দ্রিক কোম্পানি হিসেবে সর্বোচ্চ গ্রাহক সেবা প্রদানে এইচ ডি বিডি  সর্বদা  বদ্ধপরিকর।

পরিশেষে, সকল শুভানুধ্যায়ীদের প্রতি আন্তরিকতা, ক্রেতাদের আস্থা আর নিজেদের কাজের প্রতি শ্রদ্ধাবোধ থেকে এইচ ডি বিডি  সবসময় নিরলসভাবে শ্রম দেওয়ার মাধ্যমে বর্তমান অর্থনীতিতে অগ্রণী ভূমিকা পালন করার অবকাঠামোকে সমৃদ্ধ করবে।